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We are an international design office for architecure, interior and art exhibitions.

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Atelier NIRIS

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We provide a full range of architectural services for projects ranging in scope and budget.

From sports facilities, hotels, restaurants, offices, residentials, to exhibition spaces.

From new buildings, to renovations and transformations.

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Xichen Sun

The founder and principal architect of Atelier NIRIS, Xichen Sun, is personally and professionally focused on an international context, and the contemporary art scene. It is the reflction on her music and art family background from Shanghai, China.

She studied at Jiao Tong University(bacholor) in Shanghai, and Delft University of Technology(master) in the Netherlands. As a Dutch registered architect, she worked with a number of international architectural offices before founding Atelier NIRIS in Leiden.

Atelier NIRIS is a inter-disciplinary architectural design practice who looks from different perspectives. We have a global worldview to embrace the complexity and delimma of modern society.


Atelier NIRIS

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