​To the way of thinking: Art and architecture are the two ends of the realm of culture. One is on the most spiritual side and the other is on the most materialized side. They’re also serving as the emotional and rational sides of the cultural realm. Thus architecture could calm down the wildness of art to find their rest and foothold. ​

To the physical world: Architecture methods are often used in art to make the work look more logical and intelligent. Architecture design software is more and more used by artistS since now the art scene is trying to link themselves to high-tech. For example, Iris van Herpen is using 3D printing logic to do her texture, the shape and design are very likely created in the software of “Rhino” and “Grasshopper”. ​


To the way of thinking: Real estate developer would focus on more figure-related facts and is less concern with the cultural and social-related facts, which could be compensated by architecture thinking. ​

To the physical world: Architecture design is one of the basics to realize real estate project. A good design is a balanced integration of all the important facts which guarantee the investment return. This allows the developer to know in depth from the beginning of the process how to carry out the design process in a way all the stakeholders want.


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