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NIRIS ART has been active in the art field since 2017. It has organized several exhibitions, workshops, events and auctions in Den Haag, Leiden and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The activities took place from its company studio, public library, 5-star hotel to the performance venue and community center.

It has collaborated with other individual artists, collectives, galleries, foundations, and companies in the Netherlands, America, and China. ​


To the way of thinking: Art gives inspirations and freedoms to architecture design and compensates the technical and construction limitation with its emotional influences, which opens the gate of imagination. ​

To the physical world: Cooperation between architects and artist is already a proven fact to boost the influences. The borderline is more and vaguer, especially the installations that are related to spaces. ​


To the way of thinking: All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All money and no art makes a developer a savage. My personal experience tells me that the real estate market is a bit like “House of Cards”, and on the contrary artists are mostly genuine people. The two of them could make a balance in the middle, between being productive and creative, between being realistic and romantic. ​

To the physical world: Nice art piece will add value to the real estate property and be the finishing touch to make the project complete in a distinctive way. If the real estate property is the main dish, then the art piece is giving it the last drop of identical flavor.

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