Real Estate



To the way of thinking: Art is for creation, emotion and spirit, and on the contrary real estate is for money and profit. But the thing they have in common is the high standard and quality they’re pursuing after their result, either in art works or in life, which most of the time is the same thing. Thus you could always find in history rich people supporting talented artists to fulfil their life goal in music, painting, etc. Nowadays, the real estate people could still influence artist in the way they require their works and how they ask for a commission. ​

To the physical world: Real estate project are always looking for art works to put in. They are the space provider for the artists to display their works in a good way. A lot of art collectors are also real estate developers. In short real estate is the client side for art.


To the way of thinking: A good architect not only thinks about the design itself but also the best way to realize it with the real estate developer in its best status of social, cultural, financial aspects. If architecture design is a dot, then real estate development is a thread that connects all the dots together. Real estate development could help architect walk along this thread to see what the reality looks like instead of staying in the ivory tower of architectural thoughts. ​

To the physical world: Real estate is the project recourse for architecture design. Being in the industry will directly increase the chance of getting design assignments.


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